The Medicine

Wear Medicine - premium quality t-shirts

The print

At Medicine we value our "patients" very highly and we want the best Everyday Therapy they can get.

On Medicine t-shirts we use the highest quality water-based pigment print technology out there. Our process infuses the pigments right into the fabric, they are imperceptible to the touch, soft and durable - you should try! We also care about the environment - the water-based inks are free of plastics, PVC and the entire process is eco-friendly.

This cutting edge technique, which makes our prints top notch is obviously far more expensive and complicated than the most common plastisol print (the generic rubber-based type of print) which sticks to itself, is stiff and crumbles over time… Not mentioning the colours are more artificial!

And of course - we use 100% cotton so your skin can breathe when you wearMedicine.  Yes - even when it's sticky hot!

However, the print is only half of the story of our t-shirts. The other half is the quality of the fabric - we strive to source materials woven from the best fibres and a 100% cotton composition is our mantra.

Since this is the Medicine and it's for your Everyday Therapy we meticulously check every product. Seriously - every model during production is randomly washed to check the material is not warping and the print is durable. This gives us the confidence to say we have premium quality products for you.

We also have some prints on polyester - we use it only on the front panel when the artwork is elaborate and detailed, as no other technique would properly achieve the desired effect. We choose polyester that is very similar to cotton in touch and feel. In such cases the sleeves and back of the garments are made of cotton so you can wearMedicine enjoying your Everyday Therapy.

The Medicine

The Medicine originated in central Europe where alchemists and witches struggled for gold and souls respectively. All those who ended up washed-off at the banks of main-stream needed to be looked after. In the darkest corners of tattoo studios and with the surrounding sound of loud guitars the Medicine was born. The Everyday Therapy for those who couldn’t stand another boring t-shirt. The Medicine for the bad taste of main-stream waters.

Now seriously. We have commissioned the leading young generation artists and gave them free hand to put their art on quality garments for you. We have mutually beneficial arrangements with artists and only short-run, limited series are available. You don’t have to worry that when you turn to the party you will see others wearing the same design. Our designs are legit artworks produced in absolute top quality to match the effort put in by our artists (about whom you can read more here).

The Designs

Each of us is unique and special (regardless of how clichéd it sounds) and we have something special and unique to offer. No one better understands individuality of expression than artists themselves. Our collections encompass very different styles inspired by art from the past but also looking into the future.

The Medicine artwork will take you through the passage of time and space. From dark, medieval Gothic themes where skulls leer and evil spirits linger to snap up your soul, to slightly twisted classical artistic beauty. From Japanese warrior tattoo motifs ready to slice your flesh to modern rock stars classics.

Have a look, discover your Medicine  - we're pretty sure that if you made it this far you will find your Everyday Therapy here.

About Us

When we first discovered the Medicine we knew we needed to bring it to Oz. We live in Sydney's Newtown and there's no better place to introduce art on t-shirts than the Inner West nest of free thinking, out of the main-stream cradle.

We believe that art is a universal language that speaks above any division and is what makes us human, brings us together. So even tho the Medicine has been crafted thousands of miles away we can all find relevance to it within ourselves. For each of us it may have different meanings and a different feel but it's meant to make us feel better and stand out of the crowd.

We want to cure bad taste and we want you to  wearMedicine and bring art to the streets - where it belongs. The Medicine is not just another edgy t-shirt but a unique piece of art that turns heads. So prepare to receive lots of compliments!