About Medicine artists


Krzysztof Wroński is the author of the graphics of our first special collection. He writes about himself: "I am a 29 year old illustrator, busy musician, writer of stories full of horrors and a big fan of fantasy. " In his work he is inspired by the old history of Pomerania, Pomeranian folklore and a mixture of Polish, Kashubian and German influences.


A seasonal collection in collaboration with tattoo artists participating in the Tattoo Convention taking place in the largest cities in Poland has turned into a tradition.  This time we invited such tattoo artists as: Boski, Piotr Bemben and again Dżo Lama. Fans of our tattoo collaborations will be delighted.


Joanna is a press and book illustrator and graphic designer.  She has worked with such magazines as Newsweek, Kukbuk, Wysokie Obcasy and Gazeta Wyborcza. The illustrations of Joanna Gębal are very feminine, colourful, and unique. We can see them in the T-shirts for women from the new collection by Medicine.  


A collection created by strong women for women. You can definitely call it GIRLS POWER. Graphics for this collection were created by Lucky-Shirt, Basia Grzybowska and Mr Lis, while the accompanying words were invented by Blimsien. All illustrations are based on the philosophy of "taking care of" and respect for yourself. Self-acceptance and strong motivation to fulfil our dreams is a message that we want to promote among our clients.


Jakub Sokólski is a young artist who mainly deals with traditional (pencil, carbon, ink, pastel) and computer graphics. He created for us a collection of prints, of course in our favourite, dark climate of wild, marine monsters.


After the spectacular success of his earlier collection, David Ryski returned with another graphic proposal in his characteristic climate, inspired by cyclists. Every two-wheeled-vehicle lover will be satisfied. It is recalled that Ryski is a very well known artist, cooperating with most Polish magazines, publishing houses and concert agencies.


Marcin Wolski is an illustrator working in Sopot on a daily basis. He has worked with many creative agencies. For us, he prepared a typical holiday, summer collection of graphics inspired by the sea landscape. 


In addition to the collection of T-shirts for spring-summer season we were supported by other graphic designers who drew up the beautiful graphics for us. In Medicine we will find mini-collections of artists like: Biskup, Joanna Krótka, Antonii Kuźniarz, Kamil Szczypczyk or Kalina Szymkiewicz.

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