Black Horse T-Shirt

wear-medicine-t-shirt-RW17-TSMC54_MLC-M $59.95
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"Invincible Warriors" collection by Olga Mulica designed exclusively for Medicine.
  • Simple cut printed T-Shirt
  • Round neckline
  • Front panel: 100% Polyester*
  • Back panel and sleeves: 100% Cotton

At Medicine we use the highest quality water-based pigment print technology available. Our process infuses the pigments right into the fabric; the prints are imperceptible to the touch, soft and machine washing resistant. We also strive to source materials woven from the best fibres and a 100% cotton composition is our mantra.

*We use it only on the front panel when the artwork is elaborated and detailed, as no other technique and fabric would properly achieve the desired effect. We choose polyester that is very similar to cotton in touch and feel. In such cases the sleeves and back panel of the garments are made of 100% cotton.

We care about the environment too; the water-based inks are free of plastics, PVC and the entire process is eco-friendly.


Size chart info

Neck, Check and Waist numbers represent circumference.
All dimensions are in centimeters (cm).


Size Height
XS 160-168 80-84 62-66 86-90
S 160-168 84-88 66-70 90-94
M 160-168 88-92 70-74 94-98
L 168-174 92-96 74-78 98-102


Size Height Neck Chest Waist
M 174-179 40-41 96-100 82-86
L 177-184 42-43 100-106 86-92
XL 180-188 44-45 106-112 92-98
XXL 180-188 46-47,5 112-120 98-106